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Gideon’s River is here!

November 20, 2010

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked whether Gideon’s River will be available in time for holiday gift giving.  The novel is ready for you now on as a soft cover paperback:

and as an eBook easy to download to any e-reader such as kindle.

Gideon’s River is a literary novel in the tradition of Oliver Twist and Harry Potter, stories about boys in trouble through a fault in the social scene.  All three boys are spunky and inventive about seeking solutions.  Gideon works out his salvation without the prior pedigree of a rich grandfather or an inheritance of magic abilities.  He’s an American boy in modern times.

This book is for anyone who enjoys a good story and especially for people who care about children.  Every child has a right to confidence in himself, in his own good nature.  Find out how Gideon and his mother Rosalie, who engage in the age-old drama of “the bully and the wimp,” work things out.  An Earth Day/green living community story, Gideon’s River was written for the love of children and the sweet tough work of building confidence in children.

You can read the first two chapters in another November 2010 post or by clicking the arrow above.

For the Love of Children,

Trish Lapidus

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