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Confident Children

November 29, 2010

Dear Readers,

If ever a holiday gift spoke love, this one does.  Give it to yourself and all those you cherish.

I know you care about children.  Like me, you want to help this generation of kids keep or restore confidence in themselves, in their own good nature.  I’m reminded of a poster from the 1980s.  Kid looks about seven years old.  Caption says, “I know I’m good stuff ’cause God don’t make no junk.”

Sadly, we all know of children who are so sure they are good stuff–even when we are sure.

How can a novel help?

A family novel is a story illustrating certain themes of family living without particular insistence on teaching.  As a story, Gideon’s River is a fun read–and some readers will be content simply to have read a good story.  At a deeper level the novel explores the options available to families today, whether religious or secular, resources that support family living.  No parent or caretaker should feel at a loss for help with the care of a child’s happiness, which is built on self-confidence.  And we should all be aware of the ways happiness or confidence can be eroded in early childhood.

Read Gideon’s River for a clearer picture of a family’s struggles and how they work things out.

You can read the first twenty percent of Gideon’s River on your e-reader for free.  Just click on the title in this section.  It will take you to smashwords.

Holiday shopping can be this easy–and give you more time for the children in your family and community.  Love, Trish

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