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About Trish Lapidus

Patricia Lapidus, a writer and a poet, is retired from two careers, one as a high school English teacher, and one as a social worker teaching parent skills and life skills to teen families.

“Trish” has published a memoir of her life in a community of spiritual hippies, Sweet Potato Suppers: A Yankee Woman Finds Salvation in a Hippie Village, the second edition of which is due out in the spring of 2011.  She has published poems in a number of literary magazines, including Green Hills Literary Lantern, Off the Coast, and Peregrine.  She writes articles for hugpages and and maintains several blogs related to her writing and her family.  Swamp Walking Woman, a modern mythic fairy tale is available as an eBook and as a soft cover paperback.  Red Hen’s Daughter’s, collected poems is available from amazon.

Trish lives with her husband in New Haven, CT, where she hikes the beautiful trails of West Rock Ridge State Park, writes, and gives workshops at the New Haven Public Library.  She is an encourager of writers and, in her writing, a strong advocate for children and for the dignity of all persons.

She has a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary English from the University of Maine and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Indiana University.

Trish is a Scientologist who uses the tools of Scientology in life and in her work.

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